LTL Podcasts || New Episodes Live

Hey everyone - we released the 2nd episode of our brand new podcasts.

50五十 | This is hosted by Hannah and Willie which includes chat in 50% English, 50% Mandarin. Excellent for listening comprehension.

LTL Podcast | Hosted by Rushi, this week he takes to LTL Taiwan student Van about all things learning Mandarin.

Would love to hear feedback from our community, ideas on future topics and anything else you think we can do to make it better.

Any comments and 5 star ratings of course are also very welcome!

Also available to watch on Youtube too

50五十 | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW PARTY SLANG TERMS // 50五十 Podcast Episode 2 - YouTube
LTL Podcast | LTL Language School Podcast Episode 2 || ft. Van the Man (Is Living Abroad Fun?) - YouTube