Looking languages practice friends

Hello I am Mohammad from Bangladesh. I am very pleased to join this language club! I love different languages friends this is my WeChat ID wxid_602sczyuzn6t12.

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Hello and welcome to our forum. My name is Ha from operation team of Flexi Classes. I am taking Mandarin HSK1 on the platform. I’m really looking forward to the possibility of meeting you in one of our classrooms soon!
One of the best things about Flexi Classes is our diverse community of students from all around the globe. If you’re up for it, you can also join our Mandarin group classes and get the chance to connect with other students while you learn.

Please add me into your group to one to one learn. Thanks

Sorry, we do not have a group for all 1-1 learner. However, students have the opportunity to engage with each other through the following platforms:

  1. Forum: This is a space where students can share anything related to language learning.
  2. Discord: (link) where students can join chatroom to interact with each other
  3. Classroom: you will have a chance to meet students from all around the world if you join group class.

If you want to book 1 on 1 classes on the system, at “book a class” page, please follow steps as picture below:

For 1-1 class, you can either choose a specific topic that we offer on our curriculum or suggest a topic that you want to study.