Looking for vietnamese study buddies

Hello everyone!

I recently joined LTL to learn Vietnamese, and I’ve absolutely loved it. It would be even better with some other Vietnamese learners in the class. If interested, we can see if our schedules match! :smile:


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Oh I agree studying together is good. Could also be quite motivating.
Are you A2 level at the moment? Which time zone are you in? @Lou-Vietnamese-VN_A2

I am about A2 I think and currently in Europe but soon American time zone.

I am in EST (GMT-5). I usually take my courses before work, but during my days off I can plan a class during the day/evening.

I would say I am A2 to B1, but there aren’t many Vietnamese tests to figure that out.

Maybe when you’re in the American time zone we can join a class! :smile:

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I just saw on your Flexi profile page you have a class tomorrow at lunch my time which is perfect for me. I might be a bit below your level but will give it a try.
The teacher is Jenny who is amazing.

I just booked the class. See you tomorrow :smiley_cat:


@Lou-Vietnamese-VN_A2 great class together. I find it more fun to have two people study together. Sorry I could only join for the first one, will join in the future some more of yours if thats ok?

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@Andreas_Admin_Flexi Yes of course you can join any classes with me! It was very fun having you as a classmate. And don’t be sorry, we all have different schedules/time zones.

Also I think you did very well! I don’t know how long you have been studying, but I am wondering if knowing mandarin helped you (I see in your username HSK6).

Again it was great to see you and I hope to see you again soon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I guess Mandarin helps, but having lived in Saigon definitely helped more.
Now need to keep up the practice. Thanks for the invitation, I will join again. It’s good to have someone remind you to take classes

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Just wanted to check if you have any others to join and saw there is one in 10 minutes. I sneaked straight in. See you in class in 10 minutes :star_struck:

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Class was fun! It was nice to see you again :smile: Learned a new country in Vietnamese thanks to you (nước áo). First I thought you were talking about a shirt :joy:


It’s much more fun to study together. Also I need the breaks when it’s your turn to speak for my brain to recover. It’s a lot of Vietnamese. I thought today’s class was great because the teacher really spoke almost only Vietnamese.
It’s tiring though :joy:

Your pronunciation is so much better than mine :smiley:

We worked a long time to make it possible for people on the forum to see which other classes people take and then boom them too so they can study together, so I am rather pleased I can use that feature myself now.
See you tomorrow in your next class again.

Yes thầy Lâm likes to use Vietnamese as much as he can, which I really appreciate (but I can understand how you feel, it took me some time to get used to it).

I’ve also had more time and some family members to help me, so I got an unfair advantage here :joy: I’m used to the northern accent more though, so sometimes there are words I know but if said the southern way I won’t understand like dịch in class today (zịch vs yịch)

See you tomorrow!