Listening materials - Recommendations from a Vietnamese :D

Hey guys, as I talked with our Flexi Classes students learning Vietnamese, I realized they need more daily material to practice listening. As a Vietnamese, I have some recommendations:

  1. Netflix: try to search for Vietnamese Movies. These are what we have with Netflix in Vietnam. I’m not sure it is accessible from other countries or not. If yes, you can try some. One good point is that there is also Vietnamese subtitle and English subtitle for you. My top list will be:
  • Hai Phượng

  • Long Ruồi

  • Em là bà nội của anh

  • Ông ngoại tuổi 30

  1. Youtube:
  • Search for this keyword “heo peppa htv3 lồng tiếng”. This is more a kid version to learn Vietnamese. I guess everyone knows Peppa Pig. My nephew really enjoy listening to this

  • Fairy tales:
    I recommend this channel if you are a fan of Fairy Tales. I usually just play it in the background so my nephew just listening to it while he is playing around. I do see he grows his vocabulary list and he has been able to create more complex sentences.

Hope these helps your journey. As a Vietnamese, I’m really proud that people are learning our language :hugs:


Oh thanks so much! I will check the Netflix ones this weekend.
Are there any good soap operas (Southern pronunciation) on YouTube or some other channel available?

Thanks Ame!

I also appreciate your recommendation for Language Reactor which appears work very well for Vietnamese as well as other languages, turning (some) YouTube videos and Netflix movies into an awesome language teaching tool. I love the features allowing us to pause at each subtitle and also to translate individual words. (For people learning Chinese, I think it can simultaneously show characters, pinyin, and English!)

I see that HTV3 is part of Hồ Chí Minh City TV, so I think we can count on most of the HTV3 programs to use southern accent, right? They also have a lot of Doraemon cartoons. Language learning is a great excuse to watch children’s cartoons at my age LOL.

The Netflix results for Vietnamese movies here in USA are much more limited than yours. I even tried changing my settings to use Vietnamese language, but there are still only six Vietnamese results – and I’m not sure if any of them use southern dialect.

I haven’t looked at the fairy tales yet. Do they all use southern dialect?

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Yes, HTV means Ho Chi Minh TV so it’s in southern accent.
HTV3 is for kids (the new channel) (the old channel)

And HTV2 is for adults with TV shows, drama,…

I also recommend this channel:
Just remember about it yesterday when I was watching kids cartoon too :rofl:

For alternative to Netflix, you can check this out