Lex the Lion (little helper?)

Can I know what’s the purpose of creating ‘Lex The Lion’? How can it help us learn the language? It’s a really adorable lion I’ve ever seen. :lexthelion_face_laugh: :lexthelion_studying_idea:


Hi Thant. I’ll take this as it was actually a Marketing Department idea back towards the end of 2020!

The idea of Lex is simply to be able to make the brand even more relatable and recognisable. You see Duolingo do this with their Owl and Lingodeer with their… deer!

We’ll be incorporating Lex into materials just to add a smile to our resources and a friendly recognisable face that becomes part of the LTL furniture.

Brands that are more relatable feel that little bit more trustworthy so we just wanted to create a friendly, happy face that, when people see, they can say “Ah I love Lex he’s super cute, he represents LTL”!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: