Let's talk about ancient China clothing // Too many DID NOT KNOW(S) 😮

Did you know their clothing wasn’t just about style but also signaled social status and beliefs? The Hanfu is the star of the show, with its flowing robes and wide sleeves. Wearing it right, especially the colors, could say a lot about you (yellow was exclusively for the emperor).

Silk was the ultimate status symbol, showcasing wealth since it was so luxurious and hard to make. Common people usually stuck to hemp or cotton. Accessories were key too, with everything from belts to hats adding extra layers of meaning to an outfit.

The craziest part? There were laws dictating what you could wear based on your social rank. Ancient Chinese fashion was more than just clothes; it was a language of its own. Thought this snippet of history was too cool not to share with you guys!

Image Credit: Ancient Chinese Clothing Timeline - Hanfu Development


The history behind traditional clothes is SO fascinating to me!! I also discovered that the animals embroidered on the hanfu had different meanings.

For example, the dragon and phoenix were usually embroidered on royal hanfu.

As a matter of fact, the dragon used to be on the emperor hanfu while the phoenix on the empress or the emperor’s concubines’ clothes, because dragon and phoenix are considered a natural pairing of animals in Chinese culture.


I didn’t know only emperors could wear yellow! Very fun fact

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