Lesson numbers in lesson titles?

When I started LTL lessons I noticed that you had recently changed numbers and the order of the lessons. So I didn’t mention my idea.
I think it would be really useful if the lesson titles would show the lesson numbers everywhere. One has to count on “My level” every time, and be careful how to count the review lesson.
By now I downloaded a huge amount of lessons and audios, so numbers get really important and 很方便。 :lexthelion_wall_hiding:


This is a very intersting subject and we have been thinking about it.
Why we dont do that is because for new users (its different for experienced students like you of course, but we have a lot of people who just start and struggle a bit to understand how this all works) this would indicate that the lessons need to be studied in that exact order. And except maybe the Intro level they do not.
On the other hand side, it would make things a bit easier to organize. Open for suggestions though on how we can improve this, both for “experienced” and “newby” students.
I manage Flexi Classes, but never actually studied with it, so you guys know a lot of things about the system that I do not.
All ideas most welcome.

I don’t think lesson numbers influence much.
But there are also “the chapters”. I always had some respect for the chapters and HSK. I quickly noticed that the content does not necessarily become harder or that there are more difficult words. I had passed the HSK 1 test before with only one mistake, but LTL HSK1 is really a big pool for learning for me. So many unknown words, and I have never practised building my own sentences before and never had a teacher before.
I always thought that choosing a chapter or HSK might produce some expectations in teachers, but on the other hand I noticed that there are still new words for me in the introduction (I only recently learned all the measure words), and I can easily read and understand words and grammar of HSK 3 or sometimes 4. So, what is my level really? It is an extremely individual thing. My big, big advice for newbies is to be aware of that. One has to ask much, much more, and to tell the needs precisely at the beginning.
One contra for numbers might be: If you will want to add more lessons how to name them in the future, but that could be a new chapter called additional lessons e.g.

Maybe it would be better to have no chapters except the introduction and chapter 1. Each lesson only gets a number. Students are asked to introduce themselves, and maybe let’s give us a little form how to do it, to answer in Chinese, mixed with English when needed.
Many teachers like to spend some time at the beginning of a lesson and ask for the date, the weather, the time, the name, how long you have learned Chinese, why you do so, have you been to China before, which countries have you travelled to before, family, profession, what is difficult for you, is it your first time at LTL…Others start rather quickly.
I needed too many lessons to know how to prepare for the introduction and how to tell my needs.
I needed too long to find out that I can gain a lot from a HSK1 chapter 2 lesson and do not necessarily need to hang around in HSK2 to learn something new.
Once I had a lesson together with someone with completely different needs and levels. But it worked because the teacher understood quickly our different needs and we both answered differently and made our different sentences.