Learning through Children's book

During the Lunar New Year, I went to a bookstore to purchase gifts for my nephew and stumbled upon a section of Bilingual Children’s books. I was thrilled to find some engaging and captivating books that would help me learn Mandarin and Korean. After spending all day staring at a laptop, I wanted to find a break from digital materials.

Is anyone else learning through children’s books? I would also appreciate any recommendations for non-digital materials as I am running out of options in the Bilingual Children’s book section.


Interesting idea! I tried searching Amazon for “bilingual Vietnamese” and found many bilingual books available, mostly for kids. There are also some bilingual history books by author The Vinh Ngo (Ngô Thế Vinh) which look very challenging and interesting.

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HI Ame,
I am also learning through bilingual books and kid shows on Youtube. I find that it helps me stay engaged because of the colors and songs.

I love Tintin in Chinese, especially the one that takes place in China, The Blue Lotus. It was written with the help of Hergé’s Chinese friend, an artist called Zhang who is the basis for the character Chang in the book. So it has a particularly well-informed and interesting storyline.

I also really like Xiaoming’s Day because it’s written using ONLY hsk1’s 150 characters, with 3 sections in pinyin, hanzi and english. So I can read the pinyin and transcribe it in hanzi then check whether I made any mistakes. The story line is silly but also funny because… how do you write a story using only these 150 characters…?

I’ve discovered there’s a book two. My Birthday. Just ordered it. It’s a story using only hsk2 300 characters.

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“Chineasy” is one of my favourite books for children! I used it to teach 9 y/o children Chinese and they loved it. It’ very engaging :heart_eyes: