Learning Korean

Is there anyone learning Korean on here that is a beginner? Seems everyone is learning Mandarin if there’s anyone on here at all. All the classes are empty :frowning: Thank you in advance


Hi Lisa – I am! I’ve been taking classes in the A1+ level.


You can click on someone’s profile here in the forum and see their upcoming classes. If you want join them.

Hi Lisa,

Just took a break but I’m signing up for more beginner classes in January 2023. Hope to see you in a class next year :slight_smile:


Okay good to know thank you It just seemed like all the posts were very old and that maybe the site was not being used. Just being cautious

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Hi all, it’s great to have more people interested in Korean. We are now having a new level A2+ going to be published soon. I will update for you guys once it’s done

Hello just signed up today so I need lot of help


Welcome to the Forum Tobi. No problem, we are here to help. If you have any questions just create a new post on here and you will get a reply straight away.

A good introduction to Flexi Classes is on How Flexi Classes Work | A Complete Guide To A New Way Of Learning
However the best tips come from real students, so go ahead and create new posts with whatever questions you might have (best one post per question, so it does not get mixed up).

Enjoy your Flexi Classes and welcome.