Language Reactor // NEW Features

I haven’t used Language Reactor in a while and had a look at their website yesterday, only to find they added several new features last year!

We can now paste entire texts to be translated into our target language and vice-versa, and analysed word by word with examples and pronunciation.

One I’m looking forward to is the AI Chatbot Conversation Partner. Similar to Langotalk, you choose your language, a topic to discuss and you can have as many discussions as you’d like with a virtual language partner. It is still in beta mode and needs improvements but it could become a great practice tool.

Not to forget PhrasePump of course that is great to learn and review words/sentences.

I updated our article for 2024: Language Reactor || An Amazing Language Tool (2024 Update)

Have you ever used Language Reactor before?


I use it daily on Netflix because I need my fix of Chinese dramas (and sometimes Korean). I learn a lot with the pinyin/hanzi/English subtitles and other free features.

I really need to get into the habit of using this again.

Presumably you are watching Netflix on the laptop. I can’t remember LR having functionality for the TV as well?

Thanks for sharing @Marine - no surprise they are jumping on the AI bandwagon :slight_smile:

Yes, I watch on my laptop. I wish it was available on TV! But, since it’s a browser extension…

I can’t wait to see this AI chatbot in 6 months time, it’s going to be a great resource !

Oh yes on TV that would be amazing! Maybe one day…

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So interesting! I actually never used language reactor but I feel I need to start doing it also because it seems to have improve a loot of cool new features!

The best feature is still the one allowing you to have 2 sets of subtitles as you watch Netflix or Youtube :heart_eyes: if used for Chinese you can even get 3: hanzi + pinyin + English

I used to love it but now I have to pay to get films in Mandarin. Is it your case? Are you guys all subscribing? I don’t even know how much it is. Maybe I’ll just subscribe. But please let me know first whether I’m doing something wrong, thanks

@Pascale-Mandarin_Simplified_HS I believe the subtitles are not available for free for certain movies/series. There is an explanation in the “Pro Plan” description:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 11.09.15

Depending on the movie you are watching, that might be the reason. Is is the case with all movies/series you watch?

For any issue, the developers can be reached at [email protected] or on their forum

Otherwise, the pro plan is listed at 5.62€/month, 13.12€ if you pay every 3 months or 37.50€ if you pay every year

I hope this helps!


That’s so weird. I have the free account and still get the three subtitles. Maybe it’s because I mostly watch series and not movies? The one movie I watched a couple of weeks ago also had the 3 subtitles, though.