Korean Drinks | Have you ever had a traditional Korean drink?

I personally only knew about soju and makgeolli (thanks to the many k-dramas I watch) but by doing some research on the internet I found so many others!

What traditional or typical Korean drink have you ever had?

Here are some vocabulary for popular Korean drinks, but there is in fact many more :sake:

Some more drinks in Korean :tropical_drink:

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Is Sikyhe similar to Sake?

I never had sikhye myself but I believe it is a non-alcoholic drink similar to tea, with rice floating in it.

If anyone knows about sikhye we’d be happy to hear your experience!

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This is a late response but Sihye is a sweet drink made from rice and drunk during celebratory events like Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and Seollal (Lunar New Year)…but honestly I used to buy it at the convenience story whenever because it is tasty. It is non-alcoholic.

Makgeolli is also made from rice but is rice wine and alcoholic