Korean : B2+ Level

Hi guys
Flexi class B2+ Korean level (~ TOPIK 5) has been uploaded. In this level, we have Free speaking class. In a Free Speaking Class, we will be leaving the classroom and enter real life. You will discuss two current real-life issues with your teacher and classmates. No more pre-scripted dialogues or canned topics. In this class, you will practice talking, listening and communicating in Korean like a native.
At the same time, your teacher will be there to support you all the way. This is all about speaking Korean freely, however, your teacher is always there with vocab, grammar, or a quick explanation whenever needed. At the end of the class, you will receive a handout with vocab and grammar used today for you to revise.
You can read about the topics in advance via the links in the pdf, but you do not have to.
we are generating the classes so the first class can be available on next Monday 27 July.


Very cool. What levels do we have in Korean so far?

Wonderful. I look forward to starting this level after I finish reviewing!