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Some of you may, or may not know, but occasionally I put my neck on the line and go live with native speakers of Mandarin and Japanese!

It’s a lot of fun and we get some incredibly nice comments.

Anyway, I did a live with a friend of ours called Layla today and she taught me 19 Japanese words, where I had to guess their meaning.

We had a lot of fun so I wanted to share it with anyone interested :slight_smile:

I also ran a live with our friend Nana not long back where she taught everyone 3-4 useful Chengyu/phrases

Hope you enjoy them. I welcome any feedback also, whether it be about my presence, sound, content etc - always happy to improve!


who would have thought that you will become an Instagram sensation one day :smiley:
I lurked in for the last one, will watch the next one again

Sensation is a strong word! :sweat_smile: Learning the Japanese numbers in 2 hours time, let’s see how we go!

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