Japanese Toilet

I’m Italian and one of the things I miss the most about my country when I travel is… the bidet!

In Italy every bathroom has a toilet and a bidet beside it, which is something that I never find when I travel outside of Italy… except for Japan and their Japanese toilets!

Japanese toilets are incredible but at the same time, they look so complicated to me!!

All those buttons and functions are sometimes a mystery to me, this is why I found these infographic super helpful and I wanted to share them with you guys!

I feel like in Taipei, where I live now, Japanese toilets are becoming more and more common, also in public toilets like at the airport.

Do you guys like Japanese toilets?

I’d say I love it and it is one of those things that once you try you cannot go back to normal toilet.
A very weird thing I’d note is that warm seat is something I did not I needed until I had it (LOL)
PS: 1st time I saw this in Japan, quite honestly I did not know what button to press and just hoped for the best

I have never used a Japanese toilet.
But here in the USA, I tell my colleagues that if they haven’t used a restroom in China, then they don’t know squat!

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In Vietnam people use the “bum gun” which is a hand held version of the bidet.
Very popular!

I honestly love them! Press the buttons at random and see what you get :sweat_smile:

Speaking of toilets, you can google Haru-no-Ogawa Community Park Transparent Public Toilet. I was really surprised to see these toilets in the Japanese movie Perfect Days. They’re transparent till there are people getting inside. :sweat_smile:

I remember doing that once when I was younger in a hotel, and I wasn’t sitting I was just fiddling around in the restroom. That button pressing soon resulted into a full fledged, strong, tall water fountain haha!
Definitely my parents weren’t happy with a swimming pool inside the restroom!