Is Vietnamese taught with North or South tones?


I am wondering if Vietnamese is taught using Northern or Southern tones by Flexi classes? I will be traveling to Hanoi in the North and want to learn Northern Vietnamese.

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From the FAQ near the bottom of this page:
“We teach Southern accented Vietnamese. We do not focus on academic language instruction, but we teach the real life Vietnamese spoken today in Southern Vietnam.”

But I think you can find a lot of online resources for Northern Vietnamese.

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We teach the official writing on Vietnamese as it is used everywhere in Vietnam. The tone marks there are based on Northern (Hanoi) Vietnamese.
It is how Vietnamese is written both in Saigon and Hanoi.
However when speaking out teachers speak Southern Vietnamese (like the majority of Vietnamese people in Vietnam) and the pronunciation including tones is based on Southern Vietnamese.
You can ask your teacher for the “Northern” pronunciation of any word and they can tell you, however Flexi Classes is based on Southern (Saigon) Vietnamese

@Isabel-Vietnamese-VN_Intro Don’t worry too much about that! I’ve also been learning Northern Vietnamese before signing up with LTL, and most instructors can do the Northern pronunciation if you want them too (but it’s good to learn both!)

Even if you travel to the North, there are so many regional accents (Hanoi vs Ha long etc…), so for these differences you will have to learn along the way :sweat_smile:

So don’t sweat it, the teachers are super nice and the almost 24/7 service really makes LTL worth it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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