Is there any way to uncheck "You studied this" check-box in My Level page?

Hello all,

Is there any way to uncheck “You studied this” check-box in My Level page?
(I can only check to skip the topic, but I cannot uncheck.)

Because of the reason that I didn’t finish all the PDF pages or I want to just restudy again, I want to book the same topic’s class again. But once I finished the class, that class will not show up in the booking page if I select “Not yet studied” filter.

I don’t want to show all the topics including the one I already studied, but I want to let some specific topics show up again in the booking page.

Is there any good way to do that?

Thank you!


Hello Nana,

thanks so much for asking this on here. If you manually chose to skip a topic, you can unskip it later. However, if you studied a topic already, there is currently no way to mark it as “not studied” or “would like to study again”.
This is a good idea and if anybody else has the same problem (if you do, make some noise :wink: ) we will add that to our to do list. What gets talked about on the forum gets done.
For the moment, what you can do is click on the topic you want to study again and get a full list of all upcoming classes for that topic and pick a class directly from there. I know it is not exactly what you want, as you would like to see those classes included under “Book a Class” with all the other topics that you have not studied yet, but it might work as a work around for the moment.

Thank you for the reply! Okay, for now, I’ll try the way you advise me!
And if you can add the “uncheck” function later, that will be really great :))


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I’ve had the same issue occasionally. I think it was because I forgot to attend my class. (Oops!)


This problem has been solved. If a student does not show up for a class, the teacher can now mark them as “not attended” and then the topic of that class will not count as studies.
However, with currently often just one student in a group class, best to avoid this as it can be quite frustrating for a teacher when they prepare for a class and then just sit there waiting for the student to come but nobody does. Of course they still get paid but our teachers like to teach