Is it really snowing in Beijing today?

Just heard someone mention that it’s snowing. Is that true? Anyone has any pics?

Yep, I was out all day walking around


Amazing pictures! I wish I was there.

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That’s a lot of snow :heart_eyes:
I grew up in the French Alps and it doesn’t snow where I live now, I miss it very much!
Last time I was in Beijing the snow lasted only a couple of days though


I remember April 2018 I think it was, Beijing was gearing up for warmer months then we had two random heavy snow days.

Generally Beijing weather is wholly predictable but that threw us all off. I remember the LTL Rooftop was a fun place to be during that week!


We had snow last week, on top of the Black Forest, which I can see when I go for a walk. Down here in the valley there is seldom snow, but in winter it needs only half an hour by car to go into the snow. :smiley: