Is it possible to be notified about a class 24hrs before?

I’m not being bad on purpose but I’m not very organised and I’ve missed so many classes due to forgetfulness. Yesterday morning I was like “ok I’ve a class booked for tomorrow, Sunday” but then last night I was like ahh no work tomorrow, I’ll cancel my alarm and sleep in… then at 12pm I realised ah noo not again I booked a flexi class for today… but what time??

Email received 1hr before class, your class will start at 9am…

I feel bad too, because I was told before that teachers have a legal obligation to wait 30 mins before leaving the call :sob:

Anyways, I check my emails every day, and I think if I got an email reminding me a day before the class I would be less likely to forget…

p.s please don’t ban me for missing classes :sob:

Hi Sean, did you connect your Google calendar?
It refreshes very slow but makes the classes available on your phone.



Wanted to suggest the same like Matthias did. I have an iPhone, though, but it is possible to connect your booked classes to your phone’s calendar. You can also (manually) set a reminder to your own liking, whether that be a day, two hours or five minutes before class.


After booking a class you can add it to your calendar. This is where to find the button:

You will then be offered a few choices:

I hope this helps!

Thanks guys, I see it now!

I totally forgot about that button, I’ve always seen it but never used it but also being away from the LTL platform for 8 months that I forgot it even existed!

Will add the classes to my Google Calendar and set my own reminders from now on!



Happy to help!