Invite fellow students

Let’s invite our fellow student to the forum. It would be nice to be able to come into contact.
Btw, the last one happened to come from my home town, … :grin:

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Has everybody already thought about it at all that you also can write a private message here?
Click on a name, and then you find “message”.

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Yes, that would be amazing. I think a lot of students dont know of the forum yet.
One of the ideas of the forum is that students can get in contact after class too, as you might end up meeting interesting people.
@Sonja-Mandarin-HSK_3 and thanks so much for pointing out the private message function. Even if someone doesnt want to participate in the forum, they can come here and contact past class mates via private message if they want to.

The idea is that it works like a real school - after class you can talk to someone and go for lunch together or exchange email etc. Studying together is much more fun than alone.