Instructor did not show up

Hi! This is my first lesson, and my instructor did not show up and did not send any cancellation message. Could someone help? Will it happen a lot? Because I am working, and the time difference is also challenging. When they did not come, it affected my schedule and credits. Please assign teachers who have a great attendance rate for my classes.

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Hey Gulnar!
In my 100+ classes, this happened maybe three or four times… it’s just bad indeed that it happened to you for your first class, Sorry to hear. :confused: In the unlikely case that it happens, though, you can always write to [email protected] to report that the teacher hadnt shown up to get your credit back. We’re all just humans and things like personal emergencies or technical difficultites may occur. :slight_smile:


Hello Gulnar, and welcome to the forum.
We are sorry to let you wait for your teacher in the first class. While we always strive to minimize such situations, there are unexpected issues that can occur in online learning, which are beyond our control. These issues may include teacher emergencies, device problems, internet problems, electricity disruptions, or even weather conditions affecting online classes. In these rare cases, please send an email to our support team ([email protected]), and we will take care of this. We will refund the credits for your class and provide additional credits, so you can reschedule at your convenience.

Thank you for being a very hard-working student with 100+ :hugs:

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