I was Interviewed In Mandarin about my Language Learning Journey & Tips (video)

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed in Chinese by my friend and language learning prodigy Will Hart for his YouTube channel. We spoke about my Chinese learning journey, including overcoming my difficulties with tones and the importance of receiving feedback from native speakers. We also discussed my work organising Chinese learning weekend trips and camps with Mandarin Retreat. Check it out here! I was Interviewed in Chinese by Language Learning Phenomenon Will Hart for his YouTube Channel! (Video) – I'm Learning Mandarin


You sound really good!

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Thanks for your kind comment :slight_smile:

Super Mischa, your Mandarin has really come along streets. Very well done.

You should contact the Dashu Zhongwen lads (also on Youtube). I’m sure you’d make a great guest. I featured on there last week (going live in August).

You’d really enjoy it :star_struck:

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Thanks Max!