I love that little rush you get

I love that little rush you get when you see/hear a word you just learned out in the wild.

And this is a great example of resources coming together:


Oooo how every language learner can relate to this!

Always secretly loved those in person classes when we have a new word and the class went dead silent when asked what it meant and I’m just sat there smiling :sweat_smile:

That’s a brilliant example to be fair


Oh yes I know what you mean. It’s like a little Christmas present for me. To be able to suddenly understand something in real life because you just learned it that your previously could not.

I find my happiness sometimes confuses other people though who struggle to see anything happy in what usually is a very normal conversation.


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Absolutely love this feeling, a nice boost of confidence too!

Another great feeling is when you learn a certain word or sentence structure in class, then bravely try to use it outside with Chinese friends or other people and they understand everything you say, making it a very smooth conversation. For me it’s like: next level unlocked! :white_check_mark:


I was thinking about this recently. For me, my favourite thing is reaching an understanding “milestone” - the first time I overheard some gossip in the office, the first time I had a natural conversation at the hairdressers, the first time I understood someone’s technical conversation at work (which was last week, and still super happy about it! :smiley: ). I was actually thinking about writing these things down with dates to record my learning journey and keep me motivated/show progress in little steps.

Seeing characters in the wild is also great, especially when it’s a shortened version of some words on a sign and I can still piece it together!


Nice idea! I do the same at work when we hit certain milestones. I take screenshots and put them in an Achievements folder.

On those bad days I flick through the folders and it reminds me why I love it.

Absolutely a great idea to apply to languages too, I agree.


@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 @Max Absolutely love both your ideas.

I actually have a friend who takes screenshots of all the nice things, positive feedback and compliments people tell her at work and put it in a “you’re doing a good job” folder.

When she feels bad about her work performance and got all these bad feelings related to the imposter syndrome she reads it and instantly feels better.

I’ve been thinking about doing the same, confidence boosts are always a good thing! :wink:


Achievement feeling for today - I filled out a form at a spa about my medical history, skin, allergies etc - without needing to look anything up :smiley: felt really happy afterwards, feels like quite a milestone!


That’s amazing :star_struck:
I spoke to a Chinese lady on the week bd and she was describing a Ji Character to me but couldnt find a example good word where it is used. She then showed me on her phone 吉 and I said 啊,吉林的吉?
Admittedly she has been living outside of China for a decade and I work in Mandarin every day, but still I was pretty proud of myself (in a very quiet way only with myself and this forum of course).


I remember the day that I successfully filled in a a Hanzi captcha (on the sixth try maybe) and I felt like I conquered the world.


Some recent success feelings I wanted to share: last month had a negotiation meeting with our Taiwanese contractors trying to come to agreement on our contract. I understood all their conversations in Chinese (they know I speak Chinese, I wasn’t spying :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) and actually interjected when they started discussing a solution that wouldn’t be acceptable for us. Felt super proud and my European colleagues were shocked!

Secondly, just went to the bank to activate my card and make sure it works when I go to Korea at the weekend. I did it all in Chinese and there was no point I felt uncomfortable at all.

Really feeling like I have made so much progress recently and a lot of that is down to LTL - I’m now at 140 hours of classes :smile_cat:


Oh wow thank you for sharing, this is amazing :star_struck: super happy for your progress!!


What a great thread! I’m not going to do a Four Yorkshiremen. I was just going to respond to the OP, because it reminded me of some episodes lately in “Who Rules The World” 且式天下 where many ministers and courtiers greet the king with 千岁千岁千千岁。

I’ve been following 且试天下 as well since they’ve been gradually releasing the series on US Netflix; recently finished it! Have a few significant grievances, but overall enjoyed it!

Great bump Chloe, I enjoyed reading this thread before.

I wanted to share mine although they are Italian related having been there for the last 4 weeks. My Chinese I am sure is crashing but I will get back into Chinese and Japanese lessons now!

Regarding Italian

– My toughest moment in the last month was dealing with a group of rather tipsy 17 English folk (my family and friends I’m embarrassed to say) at the restaurants in Italy. As it was the day before my wedding I was fending for myself and not using the help of my Italian family. I navigated everything myself - arranging a big table for 17 (not easy), ordering food, drinks, paying the bill, having general chit-chat with the bar staff and it went great.

– Learnt a lot about the dialects across Italy and the culture. I never realised how much things vary from region to region there.

– Discovered some new TV shows and music I like which I’ll be utilising.

– Spoke with all our Italian guests at our wedding in Italian at some level.

And my favourite

I gave my groom speech in 75% English - 25% Italian and the biggest laughs actually came in Italian. Received a tonne of compliments about how I delivered it and my pronunciation. Tough for someone who cannot roll their R’s - something rather essential in Italian.

All in all - a great month of progress in Italian which has left me more motivated than ever to win at my 4 target languages!