I just published a Mandarin Learning eBook!

Today I’m excited to announce the release of my Mandarin learning eBook, “Lessons from a Chinese Learning Phenomenon” :smiley:

One of the questions I’ve always been fascinated by and covered extensively on my podcast is: what do the most successful Chinese learners do differently from everyone else? Is their success purely down to talent or is there method behind the genius?

My eBook looks at this question through the fascinating case of Will Hart, a young British medical student who achieved what many linguists thought impossible. During lockdown, he reached a near-native level of spoken Mandarin within just 1.5 years while living in the UK.

I got to know Will after watching him being interviewed in flawless Chinese on YouTube in 2022. I then interviewed him on my podcast and went on to collaborate with him on our series of Masterclasses, teaching intermediate students how to overcome specific obstacles on the journey to Chinese fluency.

Based on extensive interviews and many hours spent in his company, I reveal exactly how he managed to reach such a high level so quickly. I also explain how, after years of failure, I put his methods into practice to become proficient in Chinese myself.

And how all Mandarin learners can do the same.

The book comes with a foreword written by world-leading linguist and elite Mandarin speaker Professor Karen Chung of National Taiwan University.

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