I had an amazing teacher today. Kisha Di

Just saying Thank you!!! to @kisha Di !


Welcome to the forum @Andrew-Mandarin_Simplified_Int and I agree Kisha is amazing. Thanks for letting us know here. I will pass that on to her too.
If you want you can also write about her on our google mapst listing Google Maps
If you mention her by name, that goes into her teacher file and bonus points.

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Happy to know that. I passed the compliment to Kisha. It made her day. Would you mind tell us more about how great she is? With some more details can help her enhance her confident and encourage her more in the teaching journey :grinning:

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I also love having Kisha as a teacher! She is very patient and friendly, and really great at using Chinese to explain things (even if it is a difficult concept). She always tells me interesting things about culture and life in China. Always good to see her name next to a lesson :slight_smile:


I will definitely pass this to Kisha. This will make her day. One way to shout out and give true recognition and rewards to Kisha is rate us on Google Google Maps or Trust Pilot LTL Language School Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of ltl-school.com and mention the teacher’s name :grinning: