HSK5 - Topics' name has changed

Hello all,
To match the name between the file namd and topic, we have made small changes in the topic title.
three at dawn and four at dusk → Blow hot and cold
TV series about Qin Dynasty ->A Step to the past
Legend of Zhen Huan → Empress in Palace
Children and Elderly bee Left behind → Left behind Children and Elderly
The lessons order are the same.
Sorry for the confusion


I actually signed up for one of the renamed lessons (Blow hot and cold) thinking that a new class was added. Only later did I discover that the content was the same as a class I’ve already taken. So I think it’s always a good idea to check the study materials early (while you can still “Immediately cancel”) in order not to waste precious credits.

I like the new lesson names! I have finished watching the recommended TV series about the Qin Dynasty called “A Step into the Past” from 2018 (there is also the original 2001 Cantonese version).

The episodes on myasiantv (AdBlock highly recommended) come with English subtitles (although the translation is very rough and often about a minute ahead of the actual dialogue). Still, the show is fun to watch and great for practicing listening comprehension:


I watch the original 2001 Cantonese version when I was young. It’s my childhood. When I learn this lesson, I recall my childhood


Do you know if there is a Mandarin version somewhere (ideally with English subtitles)?

Suggestion: the class materials should include links to the relevant TV shows or movies (Step into the Past, Monkey King, Empresses in the Palace etc). The shows (especially historical dramas) are still relatively difficult to understand for many students on the HSK 5 level (like me) so the more material (subtitles, links to LTL blogs, wordlists etc) the better. The links might occasionally need to be updated when external content is taken down but I think it would still definitely be worth it.