HSK vocabulary organised by radicals 部首

Thought I would share some useful diagrams that are helpful for organising/understanding radicals within the HSK vocabulary. I’ve been doing the Outlier Chinese character course which has helped break this down a bit more for me too, but I’ve found it difficult to find easy resources that group words together into their radicals/components to avoid having to manually thing about how to relate them all. LTL also have some good diagrams on instagram, like the “eye” radical that you guys posted recently :slight_smile:

See the link on twitter:

I’m “translating” these into traditional so I’ll post some lists on here once I’ve done that :slight_smile:
If anyone has any other similar resources, keen to hear more!


Thats looks very interesting thanks a lot for sharing. I am tagging @Katie our magical info graphic specialist in Beijing, in case she will take some inspiration.
If anyone is looking for info graphics or designs for learning Mandarin, Katie is the person to ask/tag.