HSK 5+.. coming soon?

I thought I’d been away so long that I’d missed the announcement, but I see there are HSK 5+ classes online! But - they only seem to start in June 2023? Is that right?

Either way - cannot wait!! The topics look so great - loads from the suggestions we gave previously - my favourites look like: 12 zodiac signs, business negotiation, using phone in Chinese, Chinese superstars

Thank you LTL team :slight_smile:


Nice find @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 ! Looks like there’s everything we ever asked for.

Is it to soon to report typos e.g. “pingpang”? @Rosie-Cao


Haha wow you are good. Yes the new HSK 5+ level is basically ready, we are just finishing things up so haven’t officially announced yet but you can already see topics in Flexi.
When we are done there will be classes much sooner than 2023 (the ones you can already see are just for continuation courses, so people who might start a course now and will get to HSK 5+ a year later.

@Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 thanks for the spot. Yes definitely ready to report anything you see. We proof read them a lot of types, but English typos can still sometimes slip through as except the English proof reader everyone in the team is native Chinese of course. You have the link to the online form?


谢谢LTL语言队 (Rosie et al.)。



Excellent! We are going to upload it soon (really really soon). Just wait for our announcement. I assure you can take the class before June 2023 :grin:


Did I miss the announcement? :slight_smile: :lexthelion_face_happy:

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@Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5_1on1 HSK5+ lessons are now available on Flexi Classes indeed!


I had a busy day today and took my first 5 hours of the HSK5+ course. I had a lot of fun - these are great topics, and again I can feel the stretch in my Chinese ability with lots of new topics and some HSK6 vocabulary sprinkled in.

Thank you so much to the LTL team for their work on these classes. It really does make studying fun! Can’t wait to take the rest.


Glad you’re enjoying it Chloe!

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I agree with @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5. I’m very much enjoying the new HSK5+ classes as well.

@Max Do you know if the Skritter decks / HackChinese vocab lists and audios are coming out soon?


I haven’t noted them down but probably should. It’ll be a little way down the list though so I’d probably need to draft in some help.

Thanks for the nudge