How to Say Hi in Spanish 🤗

Hola a todos!

Here’s just a few ways to say Hi in Spanish - aside from just ‘hola’ :wink:

  1. Hola, cómo estás - Hey, how are you?
  2. Ey qué tal - similar to ‘hi, how’s it going?’
  3. Buenos días – Good morning
  4. Buenas tardes – Good afternoon
  5. Buenas noches - Good evening

Do you know any other ways to say hello in Spanish? :eyes:

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-Hola, ¿qué hay? - hi, what’s up?
-Hola, ¿qué tal todo? - hi, how’s everything?
-Hola, ¿qué me cuentas? - hi, what’s up? (Lit. What can you tell me?)


One thing that I love in Spanish is when you introduce to someone!

Basically the first person who introduce themselves should say “encantado/a” and the second one should answer “mucho gusto”.

I think that it’s a very nice way to greet someone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’d love to use it with my Spanish speaking friends but I have no idea how to pronounce it :laughing:

I never studied Spanish in the past as I took German at school, having the question mark at the beginning AND the end was unexpected