How to say hello in Japanese || is こんにちは (konnichiwa) the best choice?

The first version of hello in Japanese that most people usually learn is the classic こんにちは - konnichiwa.

Is this the best phrase to use in most situations? I know it’s considered slightly more formal than others, but also my understanding of Japanese society really values politeness, and so based on that logic, I guess こんにちは would be used most of the time.

I saw in this list of greetings (link below :point_down:) that ‘元気?’ (genki) is a more casual version of hello - would this be better to use with classmates/friends/friendly colleagues, or is konnichiwa really the go-to greeting?

Curious to hear your insights!

I usually say おつかれ “otsukare” with friends or my former coworkers in my part time job. It’s very versatile, can be for hello and goodbye alike. It’s a more casual version of “otsukaresama desu” which means “you have worked hard”. I find it kinda funny when you can say something like that first thing in the morning when people haven’t even worked yet.

Other than that, I sometimes say ヤッホー “yahou~” to greet my friends casually.

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Definitely dropping a “otsukaresama desu” the first chance I get with any Japanese speakers!!

Actually, it would be more suitable if you say it with people whom you would expect to meet more frequently, like friends or colleagues or gym buddies :wink: For passer-by, like shop clerks, “konnichiwa” is fine enough.