How to drink Soju 🍻

One thing that I realized since I moved to Asia is that there’s a very distinct drinking culture here, especially when it comes to business.

For example in Japan and Korea, a lot of important contracts are signed after drinking together and there’s a whole new set of drinking rules to pay attention to.

I noticed in Seoul there are lots of etiquette rules on how to drink Soju: the way it’s poured and shared among friends, along with the traditional customs associated with drinking - it definitely adds a special (and sometimes stressful!) charm to the experience.

We have a very interesting blog about Korean drinking culture and unique drinks that I recommend to you guys! Korean Drinking Culture || Your Ultimate Guide

Do you know any other important rules for drinking soju?

Speaking of important things: what’s your favorite Soju flavor? Mine is with no doubt peach :heart_eyes:


Peach soju is good, but grape soju is the best :wink:

The best guide I ever saw on how to drink soju correctly was this guide Jay Park made with Buzzfeed :heart_eyes: It also talks about the bottle top game which is always super fun

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I am in Seoul right now and had ananas soju yesterday with my friends, it tasted like juice, I loved it :laughing:


Heading over to Seoul today to try all the Soju! @Marine - can’t wait to catch up there :slight_smile:

Been brushing up on my Korean drinking culture tips this week - thanks for sharing @Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS

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I discovered Makgeolli, which I much prefer to soju!


This video was so useful!

I used his tips last night when drinking soju at a Korean BBQ with my homestay in Seoul.

I made sure I served anyone older than me and used both hands. As I am on friendly terms with them though, they quickly told me to drop the formalities.

They were however impressed I knew to turn my back and drink being younger than them.

Great watch and big thanks for making me look somewhat normal!!


Oh that’s awesome!! And glad it took away the stress of not knowing what to do in a new cultural situation :wink: I’m sure the host family really appreciated you taking the time to understand the soju drinking rules :heart_eyes:

Over the weekend I learned a soju drinking game!

Instead of throwing away the bottle cap afterwards, you can twist the loose end until it’s close to snapping off (see picture below!). Then pass it around and everybody has to flick it once, until it flies off. If you’re the person who snaps the bottlecap, you have to finish your drink :eyes:

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This is one of the fun drinking games, requires so less and can be played with as many people as wanted!

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I must admit, I also had the for the first time on my last night in Seoul, and I was very impressed :slight_smile:

Yet everyone drinks anyway :rofl:

We had the mango-flavoured makgeolli and it was the best!

However dangerous, you drink it as easily as juice, and since it is an alcoholic beverage I guess people can get drunk very quickly :laughing:

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I’ve just seen this ranking of the best soju flavours - I have to say, I totally agree with #1 being grape :heart_eyes: I was surprised to see apple so high too, I’ll have to look out for that one!

Also the first time I’ve ever heard soju referred to as ‘vodka’s versatile little sister’ :rofl:

Soju is a million times better than vodka! Soju is actually drinkable, vodka :face_vomiting:

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I wouldn’t say Soju is the little sister haha! Soju tastes so much better than plain vodka! Whilst I dislike both, my hate for vodka is much stronger than of Soju. Plus the flavors help a lot! 1 surprising flavor for me was Yogurt flavor!

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How come peach soju is only #4 ??

I recently tried nectarine soju and it might even be better than peach!

I love the nectarine flavour as well!