How should we change Flexi Forum?

Flexi Forum is online for 2 weeks now. I really want to thank everyone posting, replying and reading on here. I love this forum because it finally gives me the opportunity to talk to our students again, just like we do at our offline schools.

I wanted to ask what you guys think? Is the forum good? Useful?
And even more importantly, what we can do to make it better?

All suggestions are most welcome

I think it needs a button “Forum” next to “My classes” or somewhere more visible.
It’s too hidden.


Also the button for the blog needs a better place. In my opinion there is too much hidden behind my profile picture.


That’s great feedback. Thank you so much. We are looking at ways to re design the Flexi Classes page. Super helpful to hear from real students…it’s very different if you work on something all day than to actually using it

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