How do you take classes? By schedule or in order?

Had an interesting chat with @Feng2.Zhe2-HSK_4_plus about how people take Flexi Classes.

Do you take Flexi Classes:

– In order via the MY LEVEL page


– According to your schedule (in a random order)

Would be interested to hear how people utilise Flexi and book lessons.

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I usually take them according to my schedule and the topic that I like the most!

I take them in order to the best of my ability, but if time slot availability and my own schedule necessitates it, I will take them out of order. However, I will always still make sure that after I’ve taken all the lessons that come before a certain review lesson, the review lesson is always taken before I proceed to the next “block” of lessons.

Interesting, thanks @Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS and @Tien-Mandarin_Simplified_HSK_1

Hope to hear some more feedback too… :slight_smile:

I take them only on my schedule, so my classes are done very out of order (sometimes multiple whole chapters apart).

It’d be nice to be able to take them in order on my schedule as a group class for affordability, but I note that’s not possible at the moment.

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From next week on I can take classes again.
I first check my calendar for free time slots and then will fill them with Italian, the new level, whatever lessons there are.
This is rather quick, as I have set Italian as my language and level in my settings.
To look for Chinese as well it takes longer then, of course, also as there is HSK3 and 3+ good for me.
I am also checking which lessons are already booked by others.
I also check “my classes” and have a look what my last “favorite” teachers in Chinese have taken already.

I usually follow a fixed schedule for studying Mandarin. I will give priority to classes scheduled during that specific time slot. However, if there are no available classes at that time, my selection will be based on the topic name for the class.

This is so interesting to hear how everyone pick out their classes. I myself would be like the majority here in that I see my availability and the class schedule first. Then I give the topic content the second priority. I read the lesson description before deciding on whether to book the class or not, though. I feel like more people deciding on the booking by the impression of the lesson name. Am I the minority here regarding that :joy:?

I do like the fun lessons but if I want to learn the language, I’ll eventually study them all… but I’d go to the intriguing or most relevant to me first yea!

For Japanese I took them all because I wanted to absorb everything - for Mandarin as my level is stronger, I pick the ones I like the most!

I must ask another question now that I’m so curious. When you plan to pick your class, do you look for it through “Book a class” or through “My level” page? I would look at the classes and schedule through “Book a class” for intriguing lessons within the convenient time frame. But eventually I would want to study them all, so I turn to “My level” page and book the classes that have not been ticked. Gotta catch them all like Pokemon!

And also, what would captivate you for a name title? For me, at least when I book Japanese classes, they have long titles that kinda left you midsentence, but I understand that sentiment and I can kind of guess what kind of grammar point and overall theme of the lesson gonna be, so I like long, high-context titles. But for others, what fascinates you about a title?

Btw, when discussing a “good” title name, I would use the word “crisp”, and I heard @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 saying “crunchy”. Just a small thing that makes me fascinated :laughing:

I go to Book a Class because I can see all the classes available in my preferred time slot.

However, if I really wanted to study a certain topic I’d go to My Level.

For the titles - I think anything that sounds either modern (like all the COVID, Social Media topics) or anything you wouldn’t find in a text book (such as lessons about slang or proverbs/idioms).

I also really enjoy the VS topics - like north vs south China/Vietnam etc. Allows us to understand more about the culture.

Basically anything to avoid boring grammar :sweat_smile:

Within a level (i.e. HSK 4+) I do not care at all about the order of the lessons. I don’t think it makes much difference if you do or don’t follow the chapter order, the lessons seem pretty “standalone” to me. I chose them completely out of order, just go by my preferred time slot. And, If I see someone has already booked a class, and I can study at that time, I will join them. As for the review classes, I schedule them all together at the end, after everything else is studied.

I do think HSK 1 / HSK 2 should probably do them pretty much in order though.

As for topic choices, I will study all of them, even if the topic is of zero interest to me. There will always be something to learn, speaking practice to be had. I’m not really influenced by the title. Though I will jump up levels and do a specific class that I have a lot of knowledge about like “Food” related, or specific “Speak with Native” topics - which I’m happy to do multiple times.

I will re-study classes where the topic/grammar is particularly interesting, useful or difficult. I will also re-take a class in my current if I see one of my favorite teachers is scheduled for it.

I use all the filters, but start with “book a class - All Topics” most of the time. I never read the class description at all, except maybe the grammar point.

I pick classes mainly accordingly to my schedule which can vary week to week. I usually book from the “Book a Class” page but I will also reference “My Level” before booking.

I’m studying Korean and Japanese on Flexi Classes now. I’m still quite a beginner in Japanese so I’m trying to take classes in order as much as possible but my schedule usually doesn’t allow for it so I tend to jump around. I try to keep within the next 2 chapters though.

For Korean, I’m intermediate when I joined and I chose to start from a level lower than where I’m at to practise speaking a wider range of topics so I’m comfortable jumping around chapters. I pick classes mainly based on what fits into my schedule, the topics that interests me and the grammar points that I feel I need more practice in. I typically choose classes within the next 2 levels.

As there’s a smaller range of Jap classes (next 2 chapters) as compared to Korean classes (next 2 levels) that I can take, I usually prioritise Jap classes over Korean classes if it’s during the same timeslot

For me, the title means very little, only to identify if I’ve taken the class yet or not. I intend to take them all, but rarely I may decide to skip a class if it seems too specific - global sports competitions is not something I’m knowledgeable about nor interested in.

It’s all about the time of the class. I don’t care about the topic since I need to take all the topics anyway. I’m not sure if the review classes include classes I haven’t taken before so I am avoiding those until that’s all that’s left.

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Really interesting to get everyone’s feedback here on how they best exploit Flexi.

Seems there is no right or wrong, or even most common method.

Appreciate all the replies.

I’m closing in on my 150th lesson :slight_smile: