Help! A teacher did not show up for a class!

Hello, I recently had a free speaking class for which I was the only student who signed up. The teacher never came and so I emailed the flexiclass support email. They have yet to respond. Does anyone know what else I could do?

I had that same issue, too. Again. Emailed support but maybe they don’t work on the weekend. Just wait.

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Very sorry this happened. I am not sure why, but we will definitely check and let you know. Could have been a technical issue or an emergency. It is rare, but it can happen.
Support does not work on the weekend, but you will have your reply on Monday. Dont worry you will get your credits back, plus an extra free credit to make up for it.

Mine hasn’t been fixed. Now, it looks like my teacher for the next two classes just cancelled the classes. Can the program automatically skip them without charging me?

Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 7.23.34 PM

Hi @sbunn and @Noah-Vietnamese-VN_A1, I’m sincerely sorry for all the inconvenience it caused. The teacher got really sick that he couldn’t cancel the class. I just gave the credit back and one extra for you. I hope it helps. I got your emails and reply it also in there. In case you need anything else, you can find me at support

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Hi Noah, we are assigning the teachers to your class. Don’t worry. I will make sure you have the best experience with the class


Hey, so I haven’t even had one class and now two classes that I’ve scheduled have been cancelled two hours before they were suppose to take place. I’m starting to think this was a scam!

Hi Sean, sorry for the experience. The 2 classes got canceled as there is no teacher available to take the class so when the system cancels the class for no teacher signed up, the credit will be refunded to your account. Don’t worry. I’m working hard to make sure your upcoming class on 23rd will take place


The same thing happened to me. I’d lost an evening waiting for those classes. They’re four hours apart: the first class was canceled within an hour, and I waited for two hours for the second one until I received a cancellation notification from the support team. It affected my next class’s content. Hanging in there. I’ve had 35 lessons already (and 2 lessons to be made up).

Hi @Sean-Vietnamese-VN_Intro and @Noah-Vietnamese-VN_A1 - we are sorry about the trouble here, far from ideal and not a great first impression for you guys.

We are far from a scam though, so do not worry about that. We are a small, hard-working team based worldwide (although mainly in Asia).

As Ame said, in this instance, teachers were not available and thus what happens is the class becomes cancelled when no teacher signs up.

We are growing fast though, and as Flexi Classes grows, so will the number of teachers and availability, meaning things like this should become a thing of the past.

Accept our apologies on behalf of the team and I hope you manage to get involved in some classes very soon.

All the best.