Have you taken the HSK? Results

Just got my HSK 3 results. Other than just studying Chinese, I did not do any specific HSK prep.A friend of mine was doing the test and offered to register me, so I said sure. 1625746650584


Great! Bravo! :+1: Especially since you didn’t train specifically for the test.
Did you handwrite or type?

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I could not even handwrite 人 :rofl: I definitely typed it. Not sure why my writing score came out so low. Anyway I will train better for the level 4!

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It is really good. :sunglasses: I was just curious.
I think to train specifically for tests is good for motivation. (If you don’t need the test as an obligation for something, of course.)


That’s excellent. Congratulations!

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That’s a superb score, very well done and many congrats.

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Back after a long hiatus from Flexi-classes. I self studied the Hsk 4 for about year and a half. I took the test this month and just got the results for HSK 4. I’m still waiting for the HSKK 口语 results, which you have to take in addition to the regular test now.

The week before the test, I reviewed everything and did a few practice tests, and several mock hskk tests. I realized that there are so many words and grammar structures in Hsk 4 that are incredibly useful. I pretty much know them all, however I am not that flexible at using them. When speaking, I tend to fall back on lower level words and structures.

So, while waiting for the test results, I did a few Hsk 4 Flexi classes as a review. They went really well, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy the 100 credit package. I will do all the level 4’s and 4+'s basically as speaking practice/review. Sounds a bit redundant, but I think there is a goldmine of words in Hsk4, plus Flexi has other words/topics/structures different from the standard course, so there will still be new stuff. After that, I’ll push on to Hsk 5 :muscle:


Great score! Well done.

Glad to see you back into Flexi, hope your lessons go well.

You’ll be passing HSK5 in no time :wink:

Thank you for sharing your experience, I think many students can relate to that!
I do myself tend to use lower levels sentence structures and grammar when speaking, even though I know and can understand more complex ones in a text for example.

You’ll reach HSK 5 very soon, 加油 :muscle:

I got my HSKK 中级 口语 speaking results today. It’s out of 100, 60 is a pass. I passed but not too pleased with the result, it was harder than I had expected.

In order to practice this type of speaking, I’ve set myself a challenge of videoing me answering a question for around a minute - one a day every day for the next 30 days and then posting it on my WeChat channel and YouTube channel. Here’s a link to yesterday’s:

I’ve also been doing a Flexi-class every single day. I really think that hour completely focused on speaking and listening , with no distractions helps.


Hats off Phil. Not easy to film yourself and publish to the wider world.

You’ll be stronger for it I’m sure :slight_smile: