Have you ever worn Hanbok...?

Or perhaps Yukata, Qipao etc?

I love the style of these traditional types of clothes in Asia.

I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul yesterday with my homestay and some LTL colleagues and friends. Had an absolute blast.

FUN FACT || you can get into the palace free if you turn up in a local Hanbok.

I highly recommend to anyone coming to Seoul.

Please feel free to share your pics too :slight_smile:


Oh I’m super jealous - I’d love to rent Hanbok for the day!! The pictures are so nice :star_struck: Trying a Japanese kimono is also high up on my bucket list.

So far I’ve only worn Hanfu 汉服 in Shanghai for a day - would ABSOLUTELY recommend, there are so many options and it’s really not expensive. It’s also fun going to ordinary places like the metro all dressed up in Tang Dynasty clothing :laughing:

Note: You will draw attention as a foreigner wearing Hanfu, so avoid if you don’t want lots of random pictures taken of you (at one point we had a literal crowd of photographers in the park)


Interesting you draw attention in China.

In Seoul, you are actually in the minority if you don’t wear a Hanbok!

Great picture from you :slight_smile:

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You look so beautiful in Hanfu, Hannah :100:

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Thank you Ha :heart_eyes:

Here’s mine! It was a great experience and I’m already thinking about the next one :heart_eyes:
I’d love to wear a Hanfu too!


The pictures are SO beautiful, it must have been such a nice experience :heart_eyes:

When I was in Shanghai last October, we went to an arch class and they made us wear traditional Chinese clothes, it was so much fun!


Is it hot to wear Hanfu? It looks thick

I don’t know that this is also traditional Chinese clothing. I only know the one that Hannah wore.

As the clothes are for renting they are not authentic, thus very thin. They are worn on top of your clothes. Also, at that time in Seoul it was very cold, maybe around 5-8°C, so we were glad to have our warm clothes underneath :sweat_smile: I personally was carrying a “hot pack” to keep warm!!

I got a yukata and Jimbi.
Yukata is a summer kimono, quite plain and simple.
Jimbi is a short and thin 2piece Pyjamas that looks a bit like yukata on the upper side. Love it at hot summer days but it’s worn out after 10 years :smiling_face_with_tear:

Will buy new one this year :blush:

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