Have you ever played Chinese chess?

Have you guys ever played Chinese chess? It took the Taipei school by storm a few weeks ago!

As there was so much interest around the game (also known as 象棋 xiàng qí) we decided to put together a beginner’s guide to teach you everything you need to know to play :sunglasses: and the pictures below are a little sneak peak :point_down:

Here’s the link to our guide: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Chinese Chess || Become a Pro

If you HAVE played before, I want to know whether you found it harder or easier than western chess and why?


I have not but would love to learn how to!

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These graphics are so on point!

We’ve had a lot of fun playing Chinese chess in Taipei, I genuinely love playing it (moreso than Mahjong I’ll be honest)!

Best piece… Has to be the cannon right?

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It’s great to learn more about the game, its strategies, and its history! This is a great blog. Thanks, Hannah for sharing.

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Agreed! Chariots are technically the strongest and worth the most points, but in terms of sheer enjoyment, there’s no beating the cannons :sunglasses:

The flying general though :woozy_face:

I struggle to think of any move in any game that is as kick-ass as it is gut-wrenching!

I have, but got thoroughly whipped by the local car park attendants who taught me.

I wish they would add it on www.chess.com as an option!