Have you been to Chợ Bến Thành?

If you have an opportunity to visit Saigon, feel free to take your family and friends to Ben Thanh market(Chợ Bến Thành) which is the most famous wet market in SG. There has a variety of goods and eateries. You can also find some hidden gem around the area. Do not forget to use the below expressions when you go to the market. Please comment below and correct me if I write something wrong.

  1. How much is this?
    Cái này bao nhiêu?

  2. Discount please.
    giảm giá chứ đi

  3. 100,000vnd
    một trăm


I think the third one should be “một trăm ngàn”

I just walked through Ben Thanh market today…its open because it is a food market, but feels very weird with no customers inside at all.