Has anyone had difficulty booking vietnamse language?

I booked Vietnamese intensive lessons very carefully 10 days ago and found out yesterday i was enrolled onto mandarin. I haven’t been credited with the correct amount of credits and can’t seem to book vietnamese classes without it going to mandarin even though I’m doing through the vietnamese page. I’ve emailed support four times, three times yesterday and once this morning, and no-one has replied. I’m hoping someone will help me out on here

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for your message and welcome to Flexi. There will be someone in touch very soon.

Our rather small team are going through a huge inbox worth of emails and we are fighting through them manfully! Rest assured you certainly haven’t been forgotten, or cast aside in any way.

We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and have it resolved for you :slight_smile:

For your reference I am Max and I run the Marketing team. @AmeNguyen is the head of Flexi Classes and will likely be the person you’ll help you.


Hello Max, the problem is, that i wasn’t credited the full amount of credits, I didn’t receive the right lessons and I now I won’t be able to book or use the credits that i should be refunded before they expire.
Your website says a reply will be given within 2 hours if that’s not possible set a realistic time frame, however, I’m not keen to lose nearly £200 and really need someone to sort this out as it’s quite stressful not knowing when I’m going to be contacted and how it will be resolved. This isn’t a good customer experience

Hi Helen - I understand and sympathize.

Whilst it isn’t an excuse, do understand we really are a small, humble team very overrun with a huge number of questions and queries at present (plenty of New Year resolutions)!

Your experience hasn’t been a strong one so far but I am confident once everything is sorted, which it will be very soon, you’ll enjoy your experience.

We have an excellent community of students and I’m hopeful you will long be a part of that.

In the meantime, I am sure you will get a reply tomorrow (our Flexi team in Vietnam will have finished today) and all will be sorted.

If not, I will raise this as urgent.

Accept my apologies on behalf of the team.

Hello Helen, sorry for the longer reply time, it’s the week before Tết I’m Vietnam, so everything is moving a bit slower. Customer service emails should always be replied within two working days but I think this time it will be three.
Very sorry about it but please don’t worry it will be sorted out and you won’t loose credits or money because of a holiday delay.
Have a great year of the Cat and expect an email tomorrow

Hello Helen,

we already spoke via email by now, but just wanted to write here too. We are not sure what exactly happened there technically, but we are investigating. We have never seen a situation like this before.
I saw you got your credits back and your Vietnamese classes already booked. Hope you enjoy them and see you at the next student event soon.

Yes, thank you Andreas, I’m looking forward to my Vietnamese lessons :slight_smile:

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