Hack Chinese Review

Thank you!

  • Excel: “4-click” for new words, “2-click” for review words. In addition, example sentences appear along with the word, and all audio plays immediately on the first card face. → what’s the point of the audio playing on first card? I’ll change to 2 click for now but I don’t see any point to that.
  • hack isn’t loading in my Google Chrome again, just the circle “loading” for ages
  • when I have hack open on mobile, even with sound off, it doesn’t let me listen to podcasts or other shows in the background. That’s really frustrating as I usually multi-task. Edit: I just tried to press play word / sentence audio and that didn’t work on mobile either. So I can’t listen to podcast or listen to the words :crying_cat_face:
  • There seems to be some sort of problem when you open a window in mobile - I opened my Google Chrome in Saturday (while it was working) and I did a few words then got distracted. When I got back a few hours later I saw the 10mins time had run out - it used to pause automatically when you left the window - and now it seems my total studied minutes is totally crazy when I only studied maybe 10-15 minutes on that day!
  • final edit - I can’t find the “go back” button on mobile Mozilla - it’s not at the top left or in settings.

Thanks for all the improvements, Daniel.

A few of my thoughts:

  • Edge browser issue on PC: Flash cards with more details, e.g. 1-2 sentence example, things get mashed up at the bottom. The example sentence is usually covered up by the buttons (Correct? etc.)
  • I liked the old logo actually (the rainbow)!
  • I had about 800 flash cards due a few weeks back, and it took about four days of an hour a day to get on top of that. So several thousand is not insurmountable…
  • Thanks for the heads-up about why audio might not be happening. I switched to “3” (fastest) so that may be why I’m not hearing audio… But actually, I think I had audio yesterday.
  • HackChinese has definitely made a huge difference to my study. My vocabulary is noticeably better than my student peers in my uni diploma (pronunciation of tones and recall of words). Definitely worth the subscription. However, my grammar is weak. I’m trying to improve that with DuChinese stories, but I wish HackChinese helped with grammar. E.g. “Choose the correct term to complete this sentence”.
  • I think “memorised” will be useful at some point.
  • Different fonts are definitely useful, and actually a setting for random fonts would also be great. :slight_smile:
  • I really miss the progress thingy. I can’t remember exactly what it looked like now, but going through flash cards with this graphic was good.
  • Can the chart on the dashboard have a toggle setting between “all” and the last 180 days?
  • Thanks for all the hard work keeping this great software working so well. I’ve recommended it to my uni classmates, so hopefully some of them have signed up.


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The time spent error is still there when using on mboile - definitely didn’t do 127 minutes yesterday, I did about 10!

I finally got my retention rate to over 86%. It’s taken a while!


Well done Kelly. That’s a sound effort.

I finally sat down this week and filmed our 2nd Hack Chinese video review as well. Hoping it’ll be live on our YouTube channel soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hack-Chinese-Daniel - not to bug you but since a lot of my flashcards are done on my phone (commute/walking), I’m keen to know if this error is fixed, as right now I’m not using mobile as I don’t wanna mess up my stats

Sorry for late reply @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 , I am lost in notifications sometimes! We are still getting reports that time spent studying is still occasionally reported incorrectly. Rest assured, we’ll have a fix at some point, and if we know the root cause we can “fix” old entries and get your stats looking sane again.

The goal this week is to finish (and release!) another ‘Mega Update’… :eyes:

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I am very curious!! :eyes: :eyes:


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We filmed our latest and updated review of Hack - hope you like it


Thanks for this review. I have never used “Memory” or “Boost” and I think that would help a lot.

A few possible improvements:

  1. I’d like to see the list of words in “Words” classified by HSK level, like DuChinese does (different underline colour).
  2. I like how the Lists section for HSK levels can show what percentage has been studied and what’s left. I’d like to see something like the pie chart Pierre has on hsklevel.com, so rather than an estimation like he gives, HackChinese could give an accurate representation of the percentage of the whole HSK+ 6-9 vocabulary list one has studied and what one still has to learn.
  3. Another possible improvement is that I almost always choose a 20 minute study session, which for me can get through 200-250 words. I’ll go pretty fast, just pronouncing and recognising the definition, and only pausing to read aloud the example sentence if I am struggling to remember the pronunciation or definition. I noticed in this review video that the maximum number of words one can choose is 100. Maybe upping that would be useful?


@Hack-Chinese-Daniel just wondered if you plan to update these two items:

  • no automatic pause when you navigate away from the hackchinese page on mobile (ie clock keeps ticking down even if not on the page)
  • page doesn’t let you listen to any audio, podcasts, etc while you are using the mobile version (even with sound off)

It makes me not really use hack anymore and I miss it!!

Hi @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 ,

We’ll have to look into both of these. I think the audio one is fixable… but we are currently focused on the next update which will not have these two changes yet.

Hello, Hack Chinese friends!

If you think having official LTL decks for Hack Chinese (and Skritter) would be a good idea, please “like” the post in another thread.



hey, Daniel, how’s it looking getting reverse direction on HackChinese? (i.e. English flash card, and I have to know the Chinese equivalent.) my brain is getting good at building connections to the visual aspects of the Chinese characters and the meaning, but when I try to quiz myself randomly in English I can’t for life of me remember what the Chinese name would be.


Hi Ben,

We started this project a while ago and have some decks from LTL here: Hack Chinese™ Official


Hi @Jordan-Mandarin . Reverse direction reviewing is on the ‘definitely will develop’ list, but there are still several other features that are requested more frequently that we are working on first. Thanks! Dan

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Those are great @Hack-Chinese-Daniel . Unfortunately, they (and the Skritter decks) are only up to HSK 4+. The original post was asking about HSK5 and above.

This would actually require work from the LTL end rather than Hack first @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5

It’s not been the top of our priority lists but I’ll look to see if we can scrap together some resources when we come back as a team in January.

Thanks for the nudge


Hi @Hack-Chinese-Daniel and happy new year!
The list of new plans for 2023 is very exciting! Looks great :slight_smile: especially the part about more support for traditional characters! I am too afraid to try bomopofo though…

Can I ask, is bringing back “temporary block” on the list? There are often words I just can’t be bothered to deal with (eg if I’m really tired) but I don’t want to put on my real “block” list as I wont be able to seperate them from the real blocked words. It was a really useful feature to still allow me to make progress on the easier words and clear out my list.

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