Hack Chinese Review


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We filmed our latest and updated review of Hack - hope you like it


Thanks for this review. I have never used “Memory” or “Boost” and I think that would help a lot.

A few possible improvements:

  1. I’d like to see the list of words in “Words” classified by HSK level, like DuChinese does (different underline colour).
  2. I like how the Lists section for HSK levels can show what percentage has been studied and what’s left. I’d like to see something like the pie chart Pierre has on hsklevel.com, so rather than an estimation like he gives, HackChinese could give an accurate representation of the percentage of the whole HSK+ 6-9 vocabulary list one has studied and what one still has to learn.
  3. Another possible improvement is that I almost always choose a 20 minute study session, which for me can get through 200-250 words. I’ll go pretty fast, just pronouncing and recognising the definition, and only pausing to read aloud the example sentence if I am struggling to remember the pronunciation or definition. I noticed in this review video that the maximum number of words one can choose is 100. Maybe upping that would be useful?


@Hack-Chinese-Daniel just wondered if you plan to update these two items:

  • no automatic pause when you navigate away from the hackchinese page on mobile (ie clock keeps ticking down even if not on the page)
  • page doesn’t let you listen to any audio, podcasts, etc while you are using the mobile version (even with sound off)

It makes me not really use hack anymore and I miss it!!

Hi @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 ,

We’ll have to look into both of these. I think the audio one is fixable… but we are currently focused on the next update which will not have these two changes yet.

Hello, Hack Chinese friends!

If you think having official LTL decks for Hack Chinese (and Skritter) would be a good idea, please “like” the post in another thread.



hey, Daniel, how’s it looking getting reverse direction on HackChinese? (i.e. English flash card, and I have to know the Chinese equivalent.) my brain is getting good at building connections to the visual aspects of the Chinese characters and the meaning, but when I try to quiz myself randomly in English I can’t for life of me remember what the Chinese name would be.


Hi Ben,

We started this project a while ago and have some decks from LTL here: Hack Chinese™ Official


Hi @Jordan-Mandarin . Reverse direction reviewing is on the ‘definitely will develop’ list, but there are still several other features that are requested more frequently that we are working on first. Thanks! Dan

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Those are great @Hack-Chinese-Daniel . Unfortunately, they (and the Skritter decks) are only up to HSK 4+. The original post was asking about HSK5 and above.

This would actually require work from the LTL end rather than Hack first @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5

It’s not been the top of our priority lists but I’ll look to see if we can scrap together some resources when we come back as a team in January.

Thanks for the nudge


Hi @Hack-Chinese-Daniel and happy new year!
The list of new plans for 2023 is very exciting! Looks great :slight_smile: especially the part about more support for traditional characters! I am too afraid to try bomopofo though…

Can I ask, is bringing back “temporary block” on the list? There are often words I just can’t be bothered to deal with (eg if I’m really tired) but I don’t want to put on my real “block” list as I wont be able to seperate them from the real blocked words. It was a really useful feature to still allow me to make progress on the easier words and clear out my list.

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The road to recovery has begun!

Hoping to clear them all by the time I arrive next month… :grimacing:


lol, 2k words to makeup… gonna be some work for sure!

Chipping away and keeping up my 100% record for 2023.

The new algorithm changes helped me knock a few more off also!

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Been using Hack Chinese for over a year, love it!

Would like to suggest an improvement on the LTL Felxi <-> HC partnership. In the catalog split each of the HSK levels up into the 5 chapters that are in the level.

Right now you add a whole level in bulk. Example: HSK 3+ is total 236 words, when scheduled this list the words don’t seems to be presented in the order of the chapters.
To have some control over what you study when, it would be great if in the catalog these levels can be chopped up into the separate chapters of each level.


Thanks Jasper, we’ll take a look at this :slight_smile:


The new changes #1, #2 are great and I think the sufficient change to reach and keep!! the 100% record.
I didn’t care too much about the 100 % last year, and hc is simply my Chinese treasure box to keep found things. And I am usually extremely strict with details to accept a word as known. To get back to 100% was never a problem, but to keep it, as there were insanely many reviews due on too many days.
The update skipped away about 300 reviews, I did the missing 250 reviews yesterday and now it all looks perfect for the next weeks.
2,129 strong “words”. I love this “due later today” and the overview for the upcoming weeks.

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A lot of regularity this year with a 3k words increase :nerd_face:
I’m now sticking at 8 new words a day as I found it really efficient for me, let’s see if can empty HSK6 list of vocabulary for next year !


This is beautiful! Mind if we include this in an IG post?

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