Grammar topics overview

First of all, thank you for this wonderful platform and learning method. I am relatively new here, but I am loving it already.

I am wonderung if you could publish an overview of the different grammar topics that are addressed in the different chapters. For example HSK3-Chapter 1 → comparisons / bijiao, etc. Right now, the only way for me to find out is to download the material for all chapters and browse the slides. However, it would be great to be able to look for a specific grammar topic and know where it is treated.


Thanks so much for the praise and welcome to Flexi Forum @Thomas-Mandarin-HSK_3
We currently have the grammar points under Study Goals listed but you are right there is no search function available for grammar.
We thought about this and it’s on the list but now that you have brought it up we will prioritize it. Thanks a lot for the reminder.

Awesome, thank you for the swift reply! I hope I didn’t wake you up :wink:


Btw, thank you for the hint that the study goals are listed in the class details already. In fact, rather than a search function, I would find it very useful to have a per-course list of chapters and study goals. That would make it easier to browse through the course contents like reading the index of a book. What do other people think?


Regarding the per-course list of chapters and study goals, I totally agree and think it would be super useful to have this to help organise studies. I mentioned this already. :slight_smile: I was going to do it myself for HSK 4 level but got busy. It would be also super useful in helping to see which areas of a level you have previously done too - e.g. if I am checking HSK3 for anything I haven’t covered.

Welcome to the forum btw!

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I like this too! I myself have a list of all the grammar points from the Chinese Grammar Wiki and mark them down as “studied” once I see them on a Flexi class and helps me visualize where I am based on that list and what I need to focus on when I’m done with the HSK2 level.


Thats super interesting. Can you share how that list looks like or how you would like it to look like?
I am trying to visualize how a page like this could look like.

It looks something like this:



That’s quite a cool share Manuel.

I can add something like this to our grammar bank as we grow it. We still only have 7 articles so we’re a little on the short side but we’ll need something like this as we grow it.

Appreciate the share.

that is interesting. Space wise we could not include this in the “My Level" page at the moment. Would need to create a new view where the list is much longer (only one topic per row) and then add two columns “English Name of grammar point” and “Chinese grammar point”.
On mobile that list would become very long because there is so little space on the screen.
Still a very interesting idea. All suggestions most welcome how to display topic names in an easy to use manner and still tell people which grammar topics are being taught.

Maybe it would be rather easy to create direct links on “My level” to subpages. The subpages could have the same content as the “study goals” of “Class Details”.
Or something like pop-up windows when you hover over the titles.



On this topic, the format of what I was thinking of is something like the below that I started putting together. The main reason I think this would be useful is that sometimes you want to re-learn a grammar point, or may want to check over a topic, but then have no idea where it is. There are some lessons I would probably want to take again just to make sure I am happy with the structure, but at the moment it would mean clicking through every lesson to see what the grammar was

@Thomas-Mandarin-HSK_3 / @Manuel-Mandarin-HSK_2 is this what you were thinking of as well?

I haven’t filled in the vocab for the rest but continue with the grammar.

If this is something that LTL already have, it would be awesome as a study organisation aid. If not I’ll continue to piece mine together and perhaps we can make a shared google sheet for students :slight_smile:


Hi @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 , this is fantastic! This is the luxury version of what I had been thinking about. Let’s say my idea vs your implementation is like this:


Yees !! It can also be a small link in “My level” that permit us to download a pdf with all the study goals of that particular level.


I love @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5’s idea! Chinese Zero to Hero provides a similarly-looking spreadsheet. It’s very useful if you’re following the “official” Hanban textbooks for HSK. It would be nice to have something similar for LTL.


Thanks for all the suggestions, very useful. Please keep asking for things you want. We have a long list of things we are doing (releasing a new Japanese level next week, a new Korean level the week after, Cantonese and Taiwanese classes starting later this month), fixing design issues in Flexi classes this and next week.
However we do change priorities depending on what people ask for (and how many people do so how often), so please do keep asking for things you want. Concrete suggestions for solutions like above are of course the most useful. Thanks a lot.

We are very lucky to have such a great community on here

I like @Ben-Mandarin-HSK_5 Ben’s pronunciation game and discovered the above cheat sheet there. And use now the Standard course books as I liked this overview…

Up to now, I don’t see why you should spend so much effort on your own grammar bank.
I extremely like the Chinese Grammar Wiki and its online structure. (The overview again)


@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_4 This is awesome!