Goodbye in Chinese - is 再见 really the best way to say bye?

大家好!Today I want to talk about saying goodbye in Chinese

When starting off with studying Mandarin, the first version of goodbye that most people learn is 再见 (zàijiàn). However, in Taipei, I feel that this is hardly ever used. Instead, people most often seem to go with 拜拜 (bài bài).

Have you noticed a similar pattern in other Mandarin speaking cities? Or have you heard any interesting ways of saying goodbye in Chinese? :eyes: Curious to hear about your experiences!

and on that note,
再见 :wink:

Goodbye in Chinese (2)

P.S. If anyone is interested in some extra reading, here’s 17 ways to say goodbye in Chinese!

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I have used 再见 in Taipei multiple times but it sounds more formal than 拜拜 indeed, and I use it with my landlord for example.

拜拜 is definitely my go-to goodbye!

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