Going from simplified to traditional characters

Has anyone gone from learning simplified to traditional characters, and if so, have any good resources to share for learning them? I am considering going back and looking at some of the “Traditional Mandarin” classes on topics that interest me to get more comfortable and/or working through a textbook that uses traditional characters, but was wondering if there were any other good resources. Realistically, I don’t have a ton of time to study right now, but a lot of official translations at my job are done using traditional characters so I would like to get more comfortable with them (at least characters that are frequently used).


I personally read and write simplified only. However this is a really good website showing traditional and simplified characters and resources for learning them together.

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I think @Hannah-Mandarin-HSK_5 and @Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 might be good references here.

From someone who studies mainly simplified - it’s probably obvious but on Pleco you can switch your default to traditional. Maybe that’s a good step to take.

Another is changing your phone language to traditional Mandarin - scarier step but it works!


If you use Hack Chinese, you might try the brand new “learn both character sets” option. It puts the simplified and traditional characters on top of each other for easy comparison.

Hope this helps!


This is a superb update by the way! Great work Daniel


Thanks everyone! I am excited to try the update and the character list is very helpful.