Global Zoom Outage

Zoom Meetings seem to have a global outage

Zoom calls it a “Major Outage”. I am not sure what that means, but currently none of our teachers can enter their zoom meetings. Please wait a bit, I hope zoom will fix this. Our teachers will stay online and continue to try to access the meetings and teach their classes as soon as Zoom has this fixed.

Rather annoying this whole thing…we might have to start looking for a new video conferencing software if this happens again!

Please keep trying to enter - some students and teacher seem to be able to. Probably depends on what Zoom server you are being connected with. They are worth 40 billion USD…one would think they would have some backup servers…

All fixed and zoom is running normally again. If anyone’s classes were affected please email [email protected] and you will of course get your credits back

Hello. I think you have a problem with your Amazon cloud now as I cannot view any class materials.

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What exactly happened? Could you send a screenshot?