Global eSim Cards

Has anyone ever used these before?

I discovered the banking app Revolut have forged a new partnership with 1GLOBAL that provides a worldwide SIM card. For someone who travels a lot, this is so useful.

Anyway - I gave it a shot and it’s worked seamlessly in both Doha and Dubai.

Normally when I arrive to a country for at least 7 days I get a SIM at the airport, which, whilst convenient… can be time consuming, tiring and mundane after a long-flight. Especially when you have to do it EVERY time :roll_eyes:

This changes all that! I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience with something like this?

Hoping it’s a useful tip for some of you also :slight_smile:

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I don’t travel that much so getting a physical sim card was never a problem, however if esim cards are cheaper I’d happily do it!

Everything can be done through the app, correct?

That’s right Marine. You can top-up if you use up all your data and everything else is sorted for you.

Very easy to function :slight_smile:

This is good to know!! I’ve never used one before, but a friend of mine who was using one in Shanghai a few years ago didn’t even need to turn on their VPN to access international sites/social media, so I’m curious as to whether or not that would still work :eyes:

Is it more expensive than a regular SIM card you can get at the airport? And do you have to top up regularly for it to stay in use, or does it work until you close it down/use all the credit? :thinking:

This is new! What a hack that would be “How to access Facebook in China WITHOUT a VPN” :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Regarding the cost, it’s pretty similar. Nothing too much between them but I think at the airport might be slightly cheaper, but it’s very much country dependent :slight_smile:

I read that all devices do not support e-sims so I did some research for my iPhone 11

I can’t say for other brands but for iPhone you need “An iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or later”

Thankfully I’m good :v:

So I actually do NOT have the esim on my Revolut app so I did some research and apparently not every one can get it, although no details were provided by Revolut. Also, you can only select Ireland or UK so my guess is it is not available in other countries.

Good spot Marine, thanks for sharing that.

I read that a couple of times in a Facebook group about traveling in China as well, that keeping your original SIM card but using an e-sim for China ensures you don’t actually need a VPN.

We bought our last phones in China, so we can’t even use e-sim on there. -_-

Will have to try this. Shame you can’t benefit having purchased the phone in China though :frowning: