Give Flexi Classes Credits as a present?

I have been asked how to give Flexi Classes credits to someone without that person having to sign up for an account. Its a great idea and we dont have a special software for it, however I thought of a relatively easy way to set this up, but have never tried it myself.

Create a Flexi Account with an email of yours, sign up to the subscription with the number of credits you want to give and then confirm the account via your email. Then once inside, go to settings and change the email address to the other persons, cancel the subscription (assuming you only want to give it once as a present) and then delete your credit card details in there.
Voila, your friend now has an account for free Flexi Classes and you can give them the password and login url as a present. We don’t have a nice voucher for it (might be a good idea for next year!) so you would have to create something yourself for it.

The credits would have the one month booking validity, but if someone wants to give them in the future, they could just email [email protected] and we would extend the validity to wherever the recipient needs them to.

What do you guys think, is that too cumbersome for someone to do, or ok?


This method only works if the other person doesn’t have an account yet. If I wanted to gift credits to another fellow student (or the same student later), they would have to create a new account to claim them. Therefore, the gifted classes would not appear in their class history in their original account, and they would not get credit for rating a class. This is cumbersome for both the giver and the recipient.

Would it be too difficult to add an option to “transfer” or “gift” some of my credits to another student? Maybe via the “My Credits” page?


yes true, this would only work for someone who does not have an account yet.

To give credits to an existing account, there is the problem of credits getting cheaper when someone buys more of them, but they are meant to be used by that person then and not be “shared” with others.
Still could be a useful feature, I would just have to figure out how to organize it best.

For the moment, if anyone wants to gift some credits to someone, just buy them on your account and then email us on [email protected] and we will manually transfer them for you.


I feel like a gift card option might also be good- same way as how we buy an extra bundle of classes there could be a gift card option? e.g. 3 class pack / etc

It’s a nice idea and I would definitely consider buying some lessons for my fellow expats who have been slow to start learning Mandarin… :smile_cat:


We can definitely manually do that (pm me here or email [email protected]), but I wonder how we could implement it automatically.
Should be possible but I wonder how popular this would be. I don’t know of any web apps that offer something like this. Anyone knows of any examples?

Yeah if it is an effort to do, probably not worth it for the number of times people will buy it - I am just thinking it’s a cool birthday present/Christmas present to give. Perhaps easier just to do via email like you say!

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Hey there…. A friend wanted to gift me her credits and I remembered that the topic was discussed here a while ago. After writing to support, she got the reply that credits are non-transferable which kind of contradicts what was discussed earlier. I’m a little bit at loss… is there anything we can do? :smiling_face:

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It’s not possible to transfer credits from one account to another. Tech wise the system is not made for it and also discounts are given for larger purchases that would be impossible to re calculate when a smaller number of credits is actually used and the rest transferred.
We did have the option back then to purchase classes for someone else (also not a transfer, but buying straight out for someone else) but don’t have that at the moment as it’s technically quite difficult.

Gotcha, thanks for the fast reply and explanation! :slightly_smiling_face:

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