Full Group course

Is it possible to book a full group course (say 2hrs/week, for 4-6 weeks) and just pay for that course, or must one have a monthly subscription? Thank you

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Yes you can absolutely do that. You can book all the courses individually per week instead of getting a subscription on our website. For Mandarin for example that is Online Chinese Classes 🤩 (Trusted by Thousands) | Get Fluent, Fast

However, as you already have a Flexi account, you can also use the subscription as a single purchase. Choose the subscription, get the credits and cancel it immediately (or any time until it renews a month later) afterwards. That way you got the monthly credits for that subscription, but will never be charged again. You can then use those credits to book the course you want.
Don’t forget Flexi credits can be used to book classes as far into the future as you like. The validity only means by when you need to make the booking.
More details on www.flexiclasses.com/credits

I hope that helps - if not, please ask here again.