Fruits & Vegetables in Chinese 🍒

Hello everyone, here are some images I created about Fruits and Vegetables in Chinese that were pretty popular on Instagram so I thought I should share here also.

I couldn’t include every single fruits and vegetable but I hope this will help for your next trip to the local farmer’s market! :wink:


Vegetables are right here:

What fruit or vegetable do you think one should ABSOLUTELY know in Chinese?


Thats super helfpul, thanks to share from the LTL Instagram Marine.
Its 榴莲 season here unfortunately and I can smell them everywhere…

@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 - is 榴莲 really so bad?

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Its just not for me…the smell is horrible. There are some dishes that use a little bit of Durian and thats ok. However just the fruit is not my thing.
Not as bad as 臭豆腐 but the next closest thing to me.
You like 榴莲 ?

@Marine and how did you manage to get that “cherry” into the topic name? Thats looks rather cool, I want to do that too

@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 - I don’t know. I’ve never tried it. But it’s infamous. Particularly in Singapore, it seems.

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@Andreas_Admin_Flexi there is a shortcut on my Mac, if I click on ctrl + cmd + space at the same time an emoji list appears and I can just select from there.
Otherwise, you can use this website and copy/paste emojis:

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In a word, yes!! Tried once, never again.

Amazing, it works with that page. I just created a new topic for 钱 with an emoji.