Free speaking: learning texts

I wanted to look at the topics, eg free speaking free speaking sport: the second topic was not to found online( could not prepare
Free soeaking Health: the 1. topic was so old, couldnt find!
My question: can you add the complete text to the pdf( no link) otherwise its crazy complicated and definetly no fun( sorry!!!)


@Regina-Mandarin_HSK5 welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for asking.
The Free Speaking classes are designed not as a reading exercise but as a topic where we can discuss about a current topic and have a free conversation about it.
To achieve this we don’t use a fixed text because whatever text we would use it wouldnt be current anymore a few weeks later.
Instead we always use an article in a news portal or newspaper, as these are updated daily and that way we will always talk about something that is relevant right now, not some stale textbook text from many months ago.
You can read the text beforehand on the website, though of course the texts there change (as is the nature of what is current about a topic).
During the class, don’t worry you can ask the teacher at any time for additional vocab or just give it a go and speak as that is what we practice here: speaking freely in real life. When meeting a native speaking friend for dinner we don’t know in advance what topic will be discussed. Something will come up and we will need to adjust quickly and follow the conversation.
This is of course not easy, but that’s in the end why we learn a language, to be able to speak it freely.
A free speaking class is the opportunity to practice this with a teacher who can support, make suggestions or give vocab if needed so you are ready for the “real” thing next time.
Take several and you will see how it gets easier over time.

I hope that helps


Are these clases for HSK5 only? Where can i find them?

I came across this last night with “Free Speaking Hsk4+ Culture”. Couldn’t find the linked article. But, in fact, the teacher used the latest article in that link, not the on on the pdf. So, I could have used that to prepare if I had known.

However, we struggled through the article, which was way above my level. And then rather than go through the second article, I just asked the teacher if we could stay on the first one and discuss it more. As, I don’t really like learning tons and tons of new words.

The first article was about making a traditional ethnic minority cakes in Guizhou. There were lots of really nice photos of them making the cakes along with the text. So, I asked the teacher lots of questions based on the photos. “What other ingredients are in the cakes?” , “Where do they sell them?” “Are they different to the cakes in the North, how?” etc etc. And we talked a little about Guizhou and other stuff too.

That worked out pretty well for me.

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