"Following" a Favourite Teacher?

Is it possible to ‘follow’ a favourite teacher? I’ve had classes with many now, and have some favourites. I never remember who they are afterwards though!

I realize I can click on their profile and see their upcoming classes, but it’d be great if there was some way I could flag them so when I next have credits, I can seek out classes w them!


Good point. I was actually just wondering the same. :slight_smile:
For me personally, I also wouldnt mind an overview about the teachers currently teaching online as it would help try out different teaching styles and pick the ones that fit me best.


Interesting idea. Some kind of “Favorite teachers” section, maybe with notifications if a specific teacher signs up for a class?
What would be the main advantage over just going to a past class, clicking on the teachers profile and see all their upcoming classes and choose one when you have credits?

That would be quite a big addition, so it would take some planning, but in general we are open of course.
What does everyone think?

Oh, that’s easy to solve. I always write comments and rate my lessons. So, I always can look what I liked most in my lessons with somebody and can remember who is who and find teachers in “My classes”.

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I really like the idea of flagging a favourite teacher! Maybe they could all be in a “Favourites” list somewhere in our profile.

Same goes for flagging classes. For example, I always see lots of classes I’d like to take but would like to wait a bit before booking because I’m not sure about my schedule. The issue is I always forget what was the time or topic when the time comes for me to book them!

The advantage of a “favourites” list in my opinion would be time saving, and also a nice other way for me to organise my classes, so I don’t have to spend time looking through the whole list trying to find the class I said I’d love to join.

We could click on a little “heart” :heart: for classes and “star” :star: icon for teachers, that’s be in the details section of a class.

I have no idea how complex/long it would be to set up though, so it’s just an idea. What do you think?


I can only see profiles of teachers who have taught my classes but I know there are many more other teachers on LTL teaching the language(s) I am learning so it would be good to see a list of all the active teachers - including ones I have never taken classes with before - and be able to read their profiles and see their list of upcoming classes in order to determine if there are any that I would like to join.

Right now, to look at upcoming classes of past teachers I like, I have to search through my Past Classes list and find the name/photo of a specific teacher, and then click on their profile from there.

Thus, having a stand-alone tab for each language showing a list of all active teachers and their profiles would be more convenient and much appreciated. Thank you. :lexthelion_face_teeth_smile:


Problem might me… as much as it is flexible for us, it’s also flexibel for teachers, so while there might be some teachers teaching now, they might not have any classes in the future at all or at the level you’re currently studying. Once in a while I a) check out my Top 3 teachers’ schedules via their profile to see if any of them are signed up for classes that fit my studies or b) I just check out which classes have already a teacher assigned over the “Book a class” page to see if there’s any teachers I don’t know yet and would like to “try out”.

It is nice to have a tab of Favorites teachers and topics. Sure noted that. As for active teachers, it’s kinda hard to update it actually as the time schedule may vary every single minute.

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I would also love this idea! I have a few teachers that I click with very easily.